Display1.61'' HD IPS LCD 
Display Resolution256 x 320 pixel
Touch Screen2.5 D Capacitive Touch Screen
Support SystemiOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+
BluetoothBT 4.0
Battery250mAh polymer battery
Working Time2 days
Standby Time3 days
ColorBlack, Silver
L11 Smart Watch Insert






  • Why can’t my watch see my phone’s Phonebook/Call logs/Messaging?

    You will need to sync the watch to the “FunDo Wear” app on your phone to support these features.
    Download the FunDo Wear app onto your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then
    register the FunDo account on your phone. Proceed to follow the “Getting Started” instructions on
    page 3 of the QSG to pair the watch to the app. Once done, click the menu button on the top left
    corner  of  the  page,  then  select  “Sync  Data”  to  proceed  syncing.  After  this,  the  watch
     should display/sync this info. If it still does not work, try restarting the watch and
    reconnecting via Bluetooth. Note: Messaging is not compatible with iOS/iPhones.

  • How do I change the clock interface?

    Long press the current clock interface for about 2 seconds and slide right or left on the screen to
    browse different interface options. Press “OK” to select.

  • What is the pixel count/density of the display?

    256*320 pixels

  • Does this watch work with a Samsung 7/ Galaxy J7/LG G5?

    Yes, it does. It can support Android mobile OS 4.4 or higher.

  • Does this watch work with iPhone 7/ iPhone 6/6S?

    Yes, it does. It can support iPhone mobile iOs 8 or higher.

  • Can you reply to emails and text messages on the watch?

    You can reply to text messages on the watch, but not emails. If emails sync to the watch, it may only show new email notifications but not the actual email contents.

  • Can you store music on the watch?

    You cannot store music on the watch, but it can play music synced from your phone using the “BT
    music” feature.
    For iPhones, you will need to open the Music app on your phone first. (The watch can also sync to
    other apps like Spotify and Netflix for sound.)

  • Can I change the UI style on the main display?

    Yes, find the “UI Style” icon and select between 2 themes.

  • Is the watch waterproof?

    The watch is only splash-resistant, NOT waterproof. Do not submerge the watch in water. The strap is genuine leather so exposure to water should be limited on that as well.

  • Why does the QR code on the watch only lead me to a word document in Chinese/English?

    The QR code on the watch is for the FunDo Wear app download. When you scan the code on your phone, depending on what app you are using to scan, the code may not automatically bring up a download prompt. It may display only a link instead, and you would have to paste that link into a
    browser to proceed with downloading. You will also need to select either the Android or iOS version. Reminder: It is easier to go into the app store to download the app directly from there.

  • Why I scan the QR code but can not down load?

    Please scan the QR code via the browser, then select the version that fit your phone, if you are using the app such as Facebook, Wechat to scan, please open the link at the browser.

  • How do I charge the watch?

    There is a micro-USB cable and charging cradle inside the box. Connect the USB port to the charging cradle and clip the watch in with a snug fit. The screen will automatically flash the words “Charger connected” for about 1 second and the battery icon on the main display will scroll while charging.CHARGE.jpg

  • Can I change the strap?

    Yes, if you want to change the genuine leather strap to the silicone band, please follow the steps below:

  • How long will the battery last on a full charge?

    The approximate battery life (on standby) is 72 hours. The watch will take about 3 hours to charge fully.

  • Why is my data not synced to my phone?

    Some data may need to be synced manually. On the FunDo Wear app, click the Menu icon at the top left hand corner and select “Sync Data.”



  • Why can’t my Android phone use Siri?

    Siri is an iOS feature for iPhones. Depending on the capabilities of the Android phone you have, you may or may not be able to access voice command on your phone using the watch’s Siri function. If it does sync to your Android phone, there is not a specific function that it activates. For example, using the Siri feature on the watch may bring up the “S Voice” function on the Samsung Galaxy, and on other Android phones, it may bring up “Google Assistant.”

  • Why is the Time incorrect on my watch?

    The watch’s date and time may be incorrect when it first arrives. You can go to Settings -> Clock to adjust the time. To manually adjust the time, make sure “Time sync” is OFF, then go to Date and Time to input each. To sync the time to your phone’s network time, you can turn “Time sync” ON and make sure that the phone is also correctly connected through the FunDo Wear app. If it is not syncing through FunDo Wear, then the time will not adjust correctly.

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