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Telephone: Phone: 1-855-537-2672 (1-855-LePanPC)
Website: http://www.LePanTab.com


Please register at Le Pan's service center to get tech support. Here are the steps for registering an account:

STEP 1- Go to our website at: SERVICE CENTER

STEP 2- On the upper right hand side you will see an option to "Register" click that

STEP 3- On the Registration Page fill out all the personal and account information, creating a user-name and password.

STEP 4- Once you have registered and logged-in, go to the tab marked "My Support" and select the button New Case.

STEP 5- On this screen titled "Add a New Case" you will need to select the button with the product type listed "TC970" and select a case type. Once you have filled in all the information in, please list the nature of
your problem and then we will work with you through your case to solve any issues that you have.

We hope to find a quick solution to the problems you are encountering.

Thank you for your support!



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