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9.7" Beautiful Display

Its large 9.7 inch display is everything you need for presenting all kinds of contents. With a capacitive multi-touch display and a resolution of 1024x768, it always presents you an incredibly crisp and clear image any way you look at it.


                                   MP977 OVERVIEW4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Face-time and Photo Shooting

Touch the screen and take a picture or tape a video, send it to your family or friends, or even have a face-time with them, you feel closed to them even if you are thousand miles away. Or show them the pictures you took during your last trip and share with them, you get to see the world together. You can also record things by video taping and photo shooting instead of writing. MP977 with a 2.0MP front camera provides a great chance for you to do that.                                              

High Sensitive Connectivity

Bluetooth, 802.11n high sensitivity Wi-Fi, you have every way to connect to the internet and to all the information you need on websites and to transfer files between others with MP977.


Great Design

MP977 is a sweet and considerate helper in a plastic case. You are going to love the feeling of holding it in your hand, proper size and weight for holding, great design! Try it in your hand and feel its amazing design!      


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MP977 has a large storage of 8GB memory and up to an additional 32GB of expandability to spare you the trouble of deleting your collections to release more space all the time.      



Fast Operation                                    

Don't like the feeling of delay when operating multi tasks and surfing the internet? MP977 equipped with Dual Core CPU and 802.11n high sensitivity Wi-Fi operated on Android 4.03 will never let you feel that way again. Love the way of things going this smooth, fast and natural! 


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Reading eBooks, editing photos, watching movies and videos, writing e-mails, reading news, listening to music, surfing websites, playing games, enjoy all the fun and entertainment MP977 brings you!





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