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Review on Le Pan Tablet Published on CPU Magazine

Los Angeles, August 1, 2021

“Build quality is solid”, Expert Mr. William Van Winkle gives high mark in his review in August issue of the CPU magazine on his testing run of Le Pan Tablet.

Right at the beginning of review, Mr. Winkle gives his tips of building of Android tablet for consumers: 1) Ditch the rear-facing camera; 2) Eject all non-essential memory. 3) Skip cellular connectivity. 4) Put your money into a fast processor and killer screen. In his opinions, newcomer Le Pan just did all these to be able to stand out to compete with major electronic companies in the tablet market.

Certainly, Le Pan is unknown to most of U. S. consumers. But Le Pan‘s focuses and efforts on building of a tablet with best display, best touch screen technology and faster processor are, no doubt, giving consumers what they are looking for, a economical, reliable and durable tablet. Le Pan tablets now are selling at major online retailers, such as Amazon, Tigerdirect, Newegg, Compusa, Circuitcity and electronic retailer Micro Center.

CPU (Computer Power User) magazine is nation’s widely distributed monthly computer magazine. One can find it at many bookstores, electronic retailers. It covers from computer, software to electronic parts & accessories. Mr. Winkle’s review is on page 26. For full content, please go to August issue of CPU. An electronic version of this issue can also be viewed at: http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalEditions/Default.aspx



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