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Le Pan Launches Back-to-school Sales for its Tablet

Aug. 15th, 2011

If you're trying to save money on your next tablet purchase, look no more. Le Pan just launches the Back to School Sales for its tablet. Right now, Le Pan’s 9.7” tablet is selling for $ 299.99 at its sales channels, such as online retailers Amazon, Tigerdirect, Newegg and Micro Center Electronic retail stores.

Le Pan’s tablets entered U. S. market several months ago. It’s a high quality, easy use, Android OS tablet. If money is no object, you can go for the Ipad. But if you are looking for a tablet with the feel of high end tablet but with a friendly price to meet your budget, Le Pan comes to help!

With the technical specifications and performance similar to the first generation tablet, Le Pan uses popular 9.7” multi-touch screen. It’s a brilliant, beautiful screen with very responsive touch sensations. The screen size is just less than one inch smaller than many of 10.1” tablets available in the market. But you have a very solid build tablet with much light weight. The processor works smoothly without hesitations. Since it uses Android OS, so you can enjoy Adobe flash, watch online video without any problems. The 2G storage may sound small. But that depends on how you want to use the tablet. If you use it for the book reading, online browsing, checking mails, you have no problems with it. If you want to have more room to store your favourite music, video and pictures, you can just grab a larger mini SD card up to 32 G and insert it in the Le Pan tablet.

With the current promotion price, Le Pan tablet really becomes a mid/higher range quality tablet with a lower range tablet price.


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