Top 15 Most Followed Person On Instagram 2023

In the age of social media dominance, Instagram has emerged as a powerhouse platform, captivating millions with its visual storytelling and influencer culture. As Instagram’s user base continues to expand, a hierarchy of popularity has formed, with the most followed person on Instagram amassing enormous followings and capturing the attention of millions across the globe.

Among these social media giants, each person stands out as the reigning champion of followers. With each post, they command an audience in the millions, their influence stretching far and wide. These individuals’ rise to fame showcases the immense impact that social media can have on shaping contemporary popular culture.

The title of the most followed person on Instagram is a coveted distinction, embodying the power to reach and engage with an unprecedented number of people. As we explore the fascinating world of Instagram and its most followed individuals, we will delve into the reasons behind their massive popularity and the impact they have had on the digital landscape in this post.

Most Followed Person On Instagram

Here are the top 15 most followed people on Instagram. We have ranked them according to their followers:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 586 million followers

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned Portuguese football icon, has undeniably established himself as the most followed person on Instagram, captivating the attention of millions worldwide. With an astounding fan base of over 500 million followers, Ronaldo’s unparalleled popularity can be attributed to several key factors.

Firstly, his remarkable achievements on the football pitch, including numerous prestigious titles and records, have solidified his status as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Additionally, Ronaldo’s magnetic charisma, captivating presence, and active engagement with his followers through captivating posts and stories have fostered a deep connection with his fans, making him a true social media phenomenon.

2. Lionel Messi: 465 million followers

Lionel Messi, the legendary Argentine footballer, has not only conquered the pitch with his extraordinary skills but has also emerged as the most followed person on Instagram, captivating millions around the globe. With a staggering fan base of over 400 million followers, Messi’s magnetic appeal extends far beyond the realm of sports.

His Instagram feed offers a glimpse into his personal life, showcasing his remarkable talent, philanthropic endeavors, and moments of triumph and joy. Messi’s universal popularity stems from his humble demeanor, genuine authenticity, and unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. Through his captivating posts, he has successfully forged a deep connection with fans, making him an unparalleled influencer on the digital stage.

3. Selena Gomez: 418 million followers

Selena Gomez, the multi-talented artist, and philanthropist, has earned the title of being the most followed person on Instagram for numerous compelling reasons. With her immense popularity and influence, Selena has captivated millions of followers worldwide. Her magnetic charisma, combined with a genuine connection to her fanbase, has established a deep bond of trust and admiration.

Moreover, Selena’s ability to seamlessly transition between music, acting, and activism has solidified her status as an icon, resonating with a diverse audience. Through her authentic and relatable posts, she shares her journey, promoting self-love, mental health awareness, and social causes, fostering a meaningful impact on the lives of her followers.

4. Kylie Jenner: 391 million followers

Kylie Jenner, the influential entrepreneur, and reality TV star, has emerged as the most followed person on Insta, captivating a massive global audience. With her unparalleled beauty and style, Kylie has established an aspirational image that resonates with millions of followers. Her ability to create trends and set fashion standards has solidified her position as a fashion and beauty icon.

Kylie’s transparency about her personal life, combined with her business ventures, including her successful cosmetics brand, has generated a strong sense of loyalty among her followers. Through her glamorous posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses, Kylie offers a captivating and curated lifestyle that continues to captivate Instagram users around the world.

5. Dwayne Johnson: 381 million followers

Dwayne Johnson, widely known as “The Rock,” has claimed the title of being the most followed person on Instagram, captivating a massive global audience. With his magnetic personality and unmatched charisma, Johnson has amassed a legion of devoted followers. His remarkable journey from professional wrestling to Hollywood stardom has inspired millions worldwide.

Known for his positive mindset and relentless work ethic, Johnson shares motivational messages and glimpses into his rigorous fitness routine, offering a source of inspiration and empowerment to his followers. Moreover, his authenticity and engaging storytelling create a strong connection, making his Instagram account a hub of entertainment, motivation, and genuine connection.

6. Ariana Grande: 371 million followers

Ariana Grande, the talented and influential pop sensation, has claimed the title of being the most followed person on Instagram, captivating a massive global audience. With her powerhouse vocals and captivating performances, Ariana has amassed a legion of dedicated followers. Her unique blend of catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonates deeply with fans worldwide.

Ariana’s genuine and relatable persona has fostered a strong connection with her audience. By sharing glimpses of her personal life, promoting self-love, and addressing mental health issues, she has become a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. Through her mesmerizing posts, Ariana offers a captivating and uplifting experience, making her Instagram account a must-follow for millions.

7. Kim Kardashian: 357 million followers

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most influential and followed personalities on Instagram, amassing a staggering number of followers. With her unparalleled ability to captivate millions, she has solidified her status as a social media icon.

Kim’s meteoric rise to fame, fueled by her appearances on reality television and her renowned entrepreneurial ventures, has played a significant role in attracting such an extensive following.

Her unique blend of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content resonates with a diverse audience, while her authentic and relatable persona creates a deep connection with her followers. Kim Kardashian’s impact on popular culture and her ability to engage with her audience make her the undisputed queen of Instagram.

8. Beyonce: 309 million followers

Beyonce, the epitome of talent and artistry, has established herself as a force to be reckoned with on Instagram, commanding an unmatched number of followers. Her unparalleled musical achievements, electrifying performances, and empowering messages have captivated millions around the world.

Beyonce’s ability to effortlessly reinvent herself while staying true to her roots has solidified her as a cultural icon and her Instagram presence reflects this. From breathtaking fashion moments to candid glimpses into her personal life, Beyonce’s posts offer a compelling blend of authenticity and artistry. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with her audience has made her the ultimate Instagram queen.

9. Khloe Kardashian: 307 million followers

Khloe Kardashian, a prominent figure in the world of entertainment and social media, has captivated millions of followers on Instagram, solidifying her position as one of the most followed individuals on the platform. Known for her role in the popular reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and her glamorous lifestyle, Khloe has developed a strong online presence that resonates with a vast audience.

With her unique blend of beauty, charisma, and authenticity, she has successfully cultivated a loyal following who eagerly await her updates, fashion choices, and glimpses into her personal life. Khloe Kardashian’s influence and engagement on Instagram continue to soar, making her a true social media powerhouse.

10. Justin Bieber: 290 million followers

Justin Bieber, an international pop sensation, has amassed an unprecedented following on Instagram, securing his position as the most followed person on the platform. With a career that skyrocketed from his humble beginnings as a YouTube sensation, Bieber’s musical talent, charismatic stage presence, and genuine connection with his fanbase have propelled him to unrivaled popularity.

His Instagram account serves as a personal window into his life, allowing fans to experience his journey, music releases, and intimate moments. Bieber’s ability to resonate with a diverse audience, combined with his ever-evolving artistry, has created an unbreakable bond between him and his followers, making him the undisputed king of Instagram.

11. Kendall Jenner: 289 million followers

Kendall Jenner, a prominent figure in the world of fashion and modeling, has garnered a massive following on Instagram, establishing herself as one of the most followed individuals on the platform. With her striking beauty, impeccable sense of style, and impressive career achievements, Kendall has captivated the attention of millions.

Her Instagram account offers a glimpse into the glamorous world of high fashion, featuring stunning photoshoots, behind-the-scenes moments, and glimpses into her personal life. Jenner’s authenticity, relatability, and ability to connect with her audience have solidified her status as a social media icon, making her the most sought-after personality on Instagram.

12. Taylor Swift: 260 million followers

Taylor Swift’s unparalleled success as a singer, songwriter, and performer has made her a household name worldwide. With a massive fan base that spans across generations, it comes as no surprise that she reigns as the most followed person on Instagram.

Swift’s ability to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level through her heartfelt lyrics and genuine persona has cultivated a loyal and devoted following. Her strategic use of social media, combined with her consistent engagement with fans, has further solidified her position as a social media powerhouse.

Swift’s magnetic charm, undeniable talent, and unwavering connection with her fans have propelled her to the top, making her the reigning queen of Instagram.

13. Virat Kohli: 250 million followers

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket superstar, has achieved remarkable success both on and off the field, solidifying his status as one of the most influential athletes of our time. As the captain of the Indian cricket team and a prolific run-scorer, Kohli’s exceptional skills and relentless pursuit of excellence have garnered him a massive following.

With his charismatic personality and strong social media presence, he has successfully captured the hearts of millions of fans. Kohli’s engaging posts, inspiring messages, and glimpses into his personal life have created an intimate bond with his followers, making him the most followed person on Instagram, transcending boundaries and uniting cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

14. Jennifer Lopez: 245 million followers

Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented icon, has captivated audiences worldwide with her remarkable talents and magnetic presence. As a singer, dancer, actress, and businesswoman, Lopez has achieved extraordinary success and established herself as a global superstar.

Her vibrant performances, empowering persona, and timeless beauty have garnered her a massive following. On Instagram, Lopez showcases her glamorous lifestyle, shares behind-the-scenes glimpses into her career, and spreads positivity and self-confidence.

With her undeniable talent, inspiring journey, and engaging content, Lopez has built an incredibly loyal and diverse fan base, making her the most followed person on Instagram and a true influencer in the entertainment industry.

15. Kourtney Kardashian: 221 million followers

Kourtney Kardashian, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has amassed a colossal following on Instagram, positioning herself as one of the platform’s most followed individuals. With an impressive fan base of millions, her popularity can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, Kourtney’s extensive presence on television reality shows, notably “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” has propelled her into the spotlight, granting her widespread recognition. Additionally, her captivating lifestyle, luxurious ventures, and impeccable fashion sense resonate with a broad audience, drawing them to her Instagram feed for a glimpse into her glamorous world.

Furthermore, her relatable persona and ability to connect with followers through candid posts and engaging content foster a strong sense of connection and loyalty among her fanbase.


These individuals’ immense popularity highlights the profound impact of Instagram as a platform for self-expression, brand building, and cultural influence. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the most followed person on Instagram serves as a symbol of the digital era, where a single individual can amass a global audience and shape trends, conversations, and aspirations.

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