1. What is the length of my tablet’s warranty period?

LE PAN offers a ONE-year limited warranty to purchasers of LE PAN tablet from the date purchased. Please refer to the full text of our Limited Warranty for more details. Contact customer service at 1-855-537-2672 (1-855-lepanpc)

2. What version of Android is on the tablet?

Currently our LE PAN android tablet (TC970) is released for Android 2.2(Froyo) and not updatable to the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

3. How shall I turn on/off the tablet?

Please press and hold the power button at the top right corner for 3 seconds and the tablet will be turn on with a slight vibration. Press and hold the power button and choose “Power Off” to shut down the unit.

4. How long should I charge my tablet before using?

Charge the unit overnight prior to the first use. Connect your tablet to its power adapter. The charge indicator Charging Icon will be shown on the tablet screen during charging, after the tablet is completely charged, the indicator will be displayed as Done Charging Icon.

5. Where can I find the set-up information about my tablet?

Please go to “Support” on this site to review the owner’s manual. You can find everything you need to know in one place. Also, you can download the manual to your tablet, please follow the download procedure in the “Support” section.

WiFi Connection

6. How can I connect to a Wi-Fi network?

Press MENU → Settings → Wireless & networks Wireless & Networks Icon → Wi-Fi settings → Wi-Fi → turn on Wi-Fi. Your tablet will automatically scan available networks for you. Select one then enter the correct password if required. Now you’re ready for browsing the internet, downloading games and apps and accessing a world of information. The Wi-Fi icon Wifi Icon in the status bar at the top of the screen shows the connection strength. The more bars you see, the better the connection. You can also check “Network notification” (which automatically scans and notifies you when an open Wi-Fi network is available.)

7. What should I do if I still have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi?

Check if your Wi-Fi router/modem is functioning properly. Turn off your Wi-Fi and turn it back on again. Some Wi-Fi networks require a password to join. Password-protected Wi-Fi networks are indicated by the padlock icon Padlock Icon. If you receive an error while joining a password-protected Wi-Fi network, please contact your Internet Service provider.


8. Where can I get Android Apps?

Press HOME Home Icon → ALL PROGRAMS All Programs Icon → MARKET, then surf through the list of available programs for downloading. If you need more information about Android Market and Google apps for Android, please visit

9. Can I install non-Android Market™ applications?

To allow the installation of non-Android Market applications, from the HOME screen, press MENU → Settings → Applications and enable Unknown sources.

10. Can I synchronize the contacts and business emails from Microsoft Exchange servers to my tablet?

Yes, TC970 has Android 2.2 OS (Froyo), which will support Exchange servers with certificates.

11. How can I remove the installed apps?

You can uninstall any apps that you’ve downloaded and installed from Android Market. From the HOME screen press MENU → Settings → Applications → Manage applications → Select “All” on the top control bar. Then select whatever apps you want to remove.

12. Can I watch YouTube™ on my tablet?

Yes, from the HOME screen to select All PROGRAMS All Programs Icon → YouTube. The YouTube screen will appear with videos in various categories.

13. Can I play Flash videos and play Flash games?

Yes, you can download Adobe Flash Player in Android Market. TC970 has Android 2.2 OS that offers full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for accessing Flash-enabled websites, watching 720P video and playing games. If you need higher version of Adobe Flash Player, please go to Android Market to download.

14. Does this tablet have built-in GPS?

Yes, a GPS module is built-in.

15. How can I use my tablet as a navigator?

TC 970 includes a built-in GPS chip, allowing your tablet to be used as a GPS device.
Please go to market place to down load/ purchase navigation maps and software.
Turn on GPS: Press MENU → Settings → Location & security → Select “Use GPS satellites” to enable GPS GPS Icon
Go back HOME screen → ALL PROGRAMS → Select Navigation.
Full navigation functions can be performed after purchasing third party navigation software from Android Market and downloading and installing the software on the tablet. Recommended application: Sygic. It can be downloaded from Market for free.

16. How can I change from mobile view on a web site to full / traditional view?

Go to the website, select full / traditional site (most websites offer this option on the home page).

17. What kind of video/ audio formats does this tablet support?

Video format supported: MPEG4/ 3GPP/ H.263/ H.264
Audio format supported: AMR/ AAC/ AAC+/ MP3/ MIDI/ WAV/ PCM

18. How do I restore my tablet to factory defaults?

To restore to factory defaults, go to ALL PROGRAMS All Programs Icon → Settings → Privacy Privacy Icon → Factory Data Reset → Reset Tablet → Erase Everything.

Note: Restoring the device to factory defaults deletes all data! Make sure you have backed up any important data!


19. How do I turn Bluetooth® on /off and pair my tablet with other Bluetooth devices?

Go to MENU → Settings → Wireless and Networks → Bluetooth settings → Select “Bluetooth” to turn on Bluetooth Bluetooth Icon; the tablet will now automatically start to scan for Bluetooth devices within range. Then follow the screen prompts to pair the devices. TC970 has Bluetooth 2.1 wireless connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming.

20. Can I transfer files between my tablet and other devices via Bluetooth®?

Yes, first you need to pair your device with the tablet as directed above. When you see the name of your other device in the Bluetooth devices section, select the name and the tablet will automatically pair with the device. Once your tablet is paired with the device, you can transfer pictures, videos and other files.


21. Can I transfer the existing media files from PC or Mac to my tablet?

Yes, connect your PC or Mac to the tablet, select “Turn on USB Storage”. You can transfer files, data, picture between PC and tablet via the included USB cable.You can also transfer via Wi-Fi.

22. How can I create a music playlist shortcut on my HOME Screen?

Go to HOME Home Icon → MENU → Add → Shortcuts → Music playlist and select the playlist you would like to add to the HOME screen.

23. How can I manage my Music?

The Tablet will only play audio files saved on the storage card, so you must copy your audio files to the storage card before you open the Music. Connect tablet to your computer via USB and set it in Disk Drive mode. Copy the desired music into the tablet “Music” folder.

24. Can I view photos and videos I've captured with the Camera program?

Go to HOME screen Home Icon → ALL PROGRAMS All Programs Icon → Gallery. You can view photos and play back videos captured by the Camera. You can even do basic editing tasks for your photos, set them as your wallpaper or contact picture, and share them with your friends.

25. How to use HDMI function of Le Pan II?

You will need to purchase Le Pan’s 30-pin to HDMI Adapter to use the function. Please plug the adapter’s 30-pin end to the tablet and connect a HDMI cable into the the other end. Then, connect the HDMI cable to the TV/monitor equipped with HDMI port, you will be able to watch the tablet’s content on the TV/Monitor.


26. What should I do if my tablet screen froze?

When tablet screen freezes, press and hold the power button for 3~5 seconds. This will shut off the tablet and restart the system normally. If it is still not working after restart, please push the “Reset” button on the back of tablet.

27. What should I do if I cannot turn on my tablet?

First, connect the charger and check battery level on the screen, make sure it is fully charged. If it is still not working, please “Reset” your tablet.

28. Can I set up Yahoo and Hotmail accounts on my tablet? If so, how?

Your tablet comes with an email wizard that lets you add external POP3 or IMAP email accounts from popular web-based email service providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Mail Plus, AOL, and more. Please refer to CH5. MESSAGING for details.

29. Can I open Microsoft Office and PDF files on my Le Pan Tablet?

You can purchase/download the third party applications from Market to read the files.
Note: Document to go and Adobe reader can both be downloaded from the Market for free.

30. Why do I need to update the firmware?

Updates bring increased performance, new features, and bug fixes. It is best to update your device when it gives you the possibility to do so. Make sure you have the latest firmware so that you can get all the benefits that come with each firmware update.

31. Can I close music player when use other applications?

Yes, you can close music player. Go to home screen → slide to page 2 as below. → Touch Pause Icon to pause or close music playing.

32. If I lost applications that came with the tablet, how do I re-install them?

We preload four applications in Micro SD card, like Adobe Flash Player, Google Books, Kindle, and iReader. Those apps would be moved when the tablet is restored to factory defaults. Follow the this process to re-install those applications. For example, to install iReader, go to Home page → touch All Programs Icon → → Find “APK” files for the app you are currently trying to install → touch Android Icon → Touch “Install” and wait about 2 minutes for installing process → Touch “Done”.

33. How to back up data/apps before updating firmware?

We suggest that you download and install a Sync tool/software to back up your data/apps in Market place. Such apps include ASTRO or Mybackup.

First, please go to the Market place to download a Sync tool/software, like ASTRO, or Mybackup.
Back up data and apps by software.
Update firmware.
Download and install Sync tool/software again.
Open Sync tool/software to install the apps that were backed up in the Micro SD card.
Note: See below process to use the ASTRO file manager to back up applications.
Launch Android Market and search “astro”
Search Astro
Install ASTRO File Manager and launch it after installation.
Press Menu soft key to launch tool bar, then select “Tools”, then select “Application Manager/Backup”.
Astro Menu Astro Tools
Check the application you want to backup and then tap the “Backup” icon to perform backup.
Astro Back Up
After backup is done, all the applications you want to backup are all installed in the SD card. After upgrading TC970 SW, follow steps 1~3.
Tap the “Backed Up Apps” icon then check the applications you want to install. Tap the “Install” icon to install the applications.

34. How to update firmware?

When new firmware is available, we will post the instructions. Follow the instruction to upgrade your tablet.

35. Why there is no charge indicator on tablet screen?

The charge indicator will be shown on the tablet screen during charging, after the tablet is completely charged, the indicator will be displayed as  . But if the battery of your tablet is lower than 10%, there would be no indicator show on tablet screen. The indicator would appear again once the battery charged more than 10%.

36. Why I cannot open Google map even I connect to Wi-Fi?

If you failed to open Google map and Wi-Fi is connected. In this case, please try to visit website by browser to refresh internet data, then open Google map again.

37. Why I am able to connect to internet, but unable to access Google Play Store/Google Talk/Gmail?

If you failed to open Google Play Store/Google Talk/Gmail and Wi-Fi is connected. In this case, Please set up time correctly. Please go to settings and then do the followings : Seetings-> Date & Time -> select Automatic date & time.

38. Since Adobe stops support flash video on Googel's latest Chrome browser on tablet, how can I watch the flash video in some websites?

Customers who wish to continue watch flash video in some websites can download a third party browser (ex. dolphin browser HD, Opera, etc) to access the websites’ flash video contents.

39. Why my tablet’s internal memory doesn’t show the memory as it states in the specifications?

Tablets, like all other computer devices, will need program/software to make it works. Le Pan ‘s software’s size is about 2 – 2.5 G and it’s pre-installed on the tablets’ internal memory. So when you check on a tablet with advertised 8G internal memory, its’ internal memory will only show about 5 – 6 G. Not only Le Pan’s tablets, all Android tablets are about the same. You can check this in your local electronics retailers.

40. My tablet runs well and suddenly stops work?

When the tablet cannot be booted and stops at “Le Pan” logo, and when the user forget the password, Please following instructions to re-boot tablet:
1. Le Pan S model: press the volume + and power button at the same time. It will go to “recovery mode”. Use volume +, - to move up and down. Use power button to select. Select “wipe all user data/factory reset”. The tablet will go to boot itself. Please back up your important data from time to time. Doing recovery will erase all contents and apps installed in the tablet.
2. Le Pan II: Pls go to “Press” find the Le pan II firmware upgrade news. Follow the instructions to do firmware upgrade and this will also reboot the tablet.
3. TC 970: Pls download the Instructions and firmware here. Follow the instructions to do firmware upgrade and this will also reboot the tablet.

41. I forgot my password and I cannot use the tablet.

Please follow the instructions for “My tablet runs well and suddenly stops work?!” and re-install the firmware.

Toggle Tab

Please download the “Help” App here. Once download succeeds, the install screen will appear and please click “Install.” When completed, click “Done.” The Help app will now be found in your application menu.
**Important Notice: Please kindly be noted you will need to download all user manuals as listed below and move to designated folder in order to have the app work properly.